Box Office Report: ‘The Lost City’ Takes Top Spot; ‘RRR’ Brings Back the Glory of Indian Cinema

This weekend saw The Lost City dethrone The Batman at the box office, with S.S Rajamouli’s RRR making surprising numbers at number three. In the trailer, it was advertised that the film would bring back the glory of Indian cinema. It most certainly did, and sold-out all weekend shows here in my area. Here are the top 10 movies of the week:

Source: Box Office Pro

  1. The Lost City (Paramount): $31M – 4,253 theatres
  2. The Batman (Warner Bros): $20.5M (-44%) – 3,967 theatres
  3. RRR (Sarigama Cinemas): $9.5M- 1,200 theatres
  4. Uncharted (Sony): $5M (-36%) – 3,416 theatres
  5. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (Crunchyroll): $4.57M (-75%) – 2,418 theatres
  6. X (A24): $2.29M (-48%) – 2,290 theatres
  7. Dog (MGM): $2.10M (-47%) – 2,839 theatres
  8. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony/Marvel Studios): $2M (-36%) – 2,003 theatres
  9. Sing 2 (Universal): $1.28M (-12%) – 2,626 theatres
  10. Infinite Storm (Bleecker Street): $751.926 – 1,525 theatres

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