Where does Moon Knight Episode One land on the Banana Meter?

Hello and welcome to another week of the Banana Meter! For those not aware of how this works, let me explain it to you. First, our critics check out a television series. Then, they rate it on our scale of 0-100%, we gather the percentage from all of your critics and that’s how we get our rating on the Banana Meter.

What is the Banana Meter scale, you ask? 

When a show hits above 85% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Bonafide Bananas status.
When a show hits between 55-84% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Ripe status.
When the show hits under 55%, it means it hit Sour Status.

Our FIRST TV show to hit the Banana Meter is
Moon Knight Episode One

Here is what our Ripe Banana Critics are saying about the episode:

Debopriyaa Dutta

Banana Meter Rating: 80%

Moon Knight stands apart from other MCU TV offerings, establishing its nuanced tone right off the bat. Laying solid foundations for a beloved comics character, Moon Knight hurtles into fast-paced storytelling and complex character development, melding these elements with engrossing mystery and Egyptian lore.

Full Review

Beta Critic

Banana Meter Rating: 70%

Solid start for a new era of the MCU. Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac are terrific.

Full Review

Maxance Vincent

Banana Meter Rating: 100%

An incredible start to what looks to be a television Marvel; vastly different from anything else the MCU has done and always keeping us on edge through an effective anxiety-ridden structure. Core action sequences are insane, plus Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke are electrifying.

Full Review

Rowan Wood

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

The Moon Knight pilot doesn’t feel like a Marvel series, and because of that, it ends up the best that Marvel has ever been on Disney+.

Full Review

Jonathan Widdup

Banana Meter Rating: 86%

The First Episode of Moon knight was exactly what I wanted it to be, it doesn’t feel like MCU MOST of the time. There is a chase sequence that felt a little out of place and “MCU” like but still a great start!

Full Review

Nick Lapolla

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

Though it’s not a perfect episode Oscar Isaac delivers on an interesting character study and the ramping up of this world makes the series a hopeful inclusion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Full Review

Neil Vagg

Banana Meter Rating: 60%

Oscar Isaac brings his undeniable charms to Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Comic book fans may find Moon Knight somewhat sanitized, but these four episodes mark a solid debut for the character in the MCU.

Full Review

Craig McKenzie

Banana Meter Rating: 80%

A strong introduction to a new character with compelling characterization, a strong mystery, and an impressive lean into the horror style in its structure

Full Review

Logan Mitts

Banana Meter Rating: 87%

Moon Knight is yet another outing that allows the Marvel Cinematic Universe to expand into unfamiliar territory. IF the debut episode is any indication, then we are in for one delightfully bizarre ride.

Full Review

Michael Thomas

Banana Meter Rating: 80%

Oscar Isaac has the unbelievable task of playing both Steven and Marc, but he somehow manages to make them distinctly different characters. This entire show is dependent on him carrying the series, and he delivered a stellar performance.

Full Review

What is the Banana Meter Rating for Moon Knight Ep1 ‘The Goldfish Problem’? 79%

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