Ripe Banana Critics

Richard Valero

I have been a movie critic for a little over five years. Member of the Music City Film Critic Association. You can find my work at the Music City Drive-In, Hidden Remote and Ready Steady Cut.

Matt Neglia

Owner & Editor-In-Chief of the entertainment awards website Next Best Picture & host of The Next Best Picture Podcast. Member of Critics Choice.

Zach Pope

Film/TV Critic For Zach Pope Reviews. Appears on Arizona Midday & The Emmy winning show The Member of the Phoenix Film Critics Society

Ema Sasic

Journalist for The Desert Sun. Film critic and awards season enthusiast. Contributor for Next Best Picture. Member of the Hollywood Critic Association.

Amanda Taylor

I’m a science nerd with a passion for entertainment. I hold a Masters degree in Biochemistry but left my career in science to pursue my passion in entertainment writing. I cover movies, TV series, and everything geeky!. Member of Film Independent.

Amanda Guarragi

Editor in Chief at Candid Cinema. Contributor for Geek Bomb. Can be heard on the Cinemania World and The Suit Up Geeks podcast.

Griffin Schiller

Owner & Host of FilmSpeak. Host of The Playlist’s Fourth Wall Podcast & Member of the Hollywood Critics Association.

Josie Melendez

Puerto Rican writer and entertainment journalist. Named an emerging content creator by NALIP and an emerging journalist by TIFF, she is also the founder of the Film Posers podcast, a platform hosted by four Boricuas dedicated to analyzing film and television from their cultural perspective. Member of the Hollywood Critics Association.

Alex Billington

Cinema lover, dog lover, wanderer, life-long geek, founder of FirstShowing. LOTR is the greatest trilogy of all-time, that’s just the truth.

Jacob Throneberry

Founder/Writer of the Music City Drive-In. Contributor for Hidden Remote. Member of the Music City Film Critic Association.

Maggie Lovitt

Managing Editor of Entertainment at Your Money Geek and Weekend News Editor at Collider. In addition to editing, she is a freelance writer and connoisseur of all things Star Wars and pop culture. In her free time, she is the host of ‘Starbucks Lovers: A Taylor Swift Podcast,’ a co-host at The ‘Outer Rim Beacon,’ and co-showrunner at ‘Petticoats & Poppies: History Girls at the Movies.’ When she is not wreaking havoc on the internet, she can be found writing screenplays and novels. In addition to being an entertainment journalist, she is also an actor and member of the Screen Actors Guild. Member of Hollywood Critics Association.

Michael Thomas

I am just a guy who’s lucky enough to talk about movies for a living. You can find my work at WOBAM Entertainment and

Sarah Cortinaz

Owner and EIC of Little Movie Reviews and writer at InSessionFilm. Member of Online Association of Female Film Critics, Online Film & Television Association, and Film Independent

Edward Douglas

Has been writing movie reviews, mostly for the internet, for the past 20 years, but has also written for print publications like the New York Daily News and Film Journal. Most recently, he was the Editor of Below the Line, but his longest run in the entertainment space was 13 years at

Dom Fisher

Geek Vibes Nation Media Manager and Critic. Member of the Music City Film Critic Association and Critics Choice.

Ryan Wardak

A Film Maker, but also the biggest Film lover. I write reviews and podcast, talking about every aspecting of cinema! Co-Host of The Suit Up Geeks Podcast.

Thomasena Farrar

An entertainment writer, critic and creator of She has written as the Philadelphia Celebrity Examiner for the former Examiner online and writes for Viaggio Media online. She is a member of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA), Film Independent and the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS).

Larry Chillson Jr.

The creator and host of the Youtube channel ChillyBoy Productions, as well as the co-creator of the podcast Cinema Snarks. A co-host at the Cinemania World Podcast.

Duane Miller

Founder and Host of the Cinemania World Podcast. Editor & Chief of Cinemania World. Member of the BOFCA.

Hannah Ringswald

Co-host at Cinemania World and Robert Podcastson.

Alex Madden

Film critic on YouTube. Co-creator and co-host of the Cinemania World Podcast. James Bond is my favorite film franchise. 

Cassie Hager

I consider myself the world’s best film critic/yoga teacher combo. I’m also a big fan of caffeine. Contributor for CRPWrites, Culturess and Member of Film Independent.

Jed Wagman

I’m currently a university student studying a film related degree that’s a lover of all sorts of film and loves to write about them. Contributor for Coastal H Media and FlickFeast.

Cody Brockopp

YouTube channel The Brockopp Side, a place for those who live, talk and buy movies. The channel has an emphasis on Blu-ray releases but movie reviews are naturally integrated into them.

Jack Lautaret

A film critic for Music City Drive-In, creator of the Jack Lautaret YouTube channel and the host of the Finatic Film Review Podcast.

Logan Mitts

Owner and writer for Screen Verdict. Host of the Screen Verdict Podcast. Film Critic since 2017.

Willem Louw

Northern Alberta aspiring critic, born in South Africa and based out of a small town five hours north of Edmonton. Relatively new to reviewing movies, with encouragement from my girlfriend- I figured it was time to turn my hobby of loving movies into something more.

Keith Garlington

Film critic and features writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and Keith & the Movies. Member of Southeastern Film Critics Association and Online Film Critics Society.

Liam Dearden

Journalist/ Film Critic from Wales, United Kingdom!. I’m an obsessed cinephile with a passion for Pop culture. I’ve been writing & giving my own creative thoughts on the latest movies & streaming shows for over 6 years now.

Daniel Berrios

Dallas-based film critic, reviewing on his podcast, “The Movies.” Outside of cinema, he enjoys spending time with his wife, son and four cats – a blissful chaos.

Connor Petrey

Founder / Editor-in-Chief, Casual Cinephile & Coca-Cola Enthusiast at Member of Online Film & Television Association. 

Sean Blanford

Head Writer and editor at Movie Birb. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Member of Film Independent.

Dempsey Pillot

NYC-based Podcast and Multimedia Producer for Audacy. When he’s not producing content for his full-time job, he contributes film news, reviews, and interviews regularly to The DisInsider, crpWrites, and FilmSpeak respectively. Member of Online Film & Television Association. 

Joel Tapia

Senior at Arizona State University where he is majoring in both Film and Media Studies as well as English. You can catch him writing about all things geeky in film and television over at All Ages of Geek.

Matthew Fox

A life-long film fan and a graduate of the Radio, Television and Film Program at BIOLA University and has been reviewing films for various sites since 2003. Contributor for MCDI. Member of North American Film Critics Association & Film Independent.

Nick Lapolla

Founder of the Movie and Television Review Channel Movie Emporium and Co-Host of the Podcast The 5th Dimension (A Twilight Zone Podcast).  Also a member of the Online Film and Television Association.

Tom Soares

Brazilian Film & TV Critic for Cup of Soul Show and Jana on Camera. 

John Maffeo

YouTube movie critic for over 10 years and I’m from Staten Island NY. My favorite genres to watch include action adventure, horror, and drama. Member of Film Independent.

Colin Horton

Georgia Born and Raised Self Proclaimed and proud Disabled Nerd Film Fan for 26 years  Founder of Colin Horton Movie Reviews.

Keith Noakes

A Canadian who prefers to get out of the cold with the warmth of a movie theatre. Founder of Keith Loves Movies.

Maxance Vincent

 Recent film school graduate turned freelance film/TV critic, mainly focusing on popular cinema and genre-driven work. 

Phoenix Clouden

A freelance film critic and podcaster for almost three years now. I’ve written for a few websites and I also produce and edit a film review podcast called Film Code and write for reviews for our website. Member of Film Independent, Online Film & Television Association, Cleveland Film Critics Society. International Film Society Critics Co-Founder.

Saxon Whitehead

 Founder and writer at Doctor Popcorn. I primarily do written reviews, but I’m hoping to expand to other mediums soon.

Mike Kaye

 An active member of the online film community since roughly 2014. While I specialize in reviewing animated films, some of my favorite genres as a whole include action/adventure, Sci-Fi, Crime drama, and Musical.

Shaurya Chawla

 A film, TV and video game critic on YouTube, as well as a Features Writer at Screen Rant. 

Latoya Austin

I am a writer and Founder of the online publication Franglais27 Tales and I am based in the UK. I am also a member of the Influencer network for the Reclaim the Frame initiative set up by the Birds Eye View organization to promote new films by women in film. Member of Women Film Critics Circle, International Cinephiles Society, International Film Society Critics and Film Independent.

Andres Guzman

I write and co-run The UnderSCENE. I’m also a staff writer & copy editor at Film Cred. I’m based out of Toronto and often cover content I love and am obsessed with: musicals, horror/genre films, coming of age, mental health representation, and much more.

Brett Murphy

 I am a 23-year-old from Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been on YouTube covering primarily movie related content since June of 2018. I write, record, edit and design everything you see on my channel. Member of the Cinemania World Podcast team.

Steve Kosie

I have a burning passion for movies. You can find all my reviews on my Letterboxd!

Peter Gray

Decade-long freelance film critic writing for a variety of Australian and internationally-based websites. Head film critic of The AU Review, podcasting co-host of Monthly Movie Marathon and member of the Australian Film Critics Association. 

Alex Gilston

I’ve been presenting on local radio for nearly 7 years of which 3 of those have been spent presenting a Film Show. I have been a fairly recent edition as a co-host to the JumpCast podcast, and I’ve started branching out into writing for Film Focus Online. Always aspiring to break into the industry and work with more fellow critics. 

Marc Eastman

 Owner of Are You Screening. I’ve been a movie critic for over 20 years and a member of the Critic Choice Association for more than 15 of those.

Renato Vieira

Creator of the Ren Geekness Outlet. Contributor at Wolf Of Geek Street. Host & Creator of the “This Week in Geek” Podcast

MSB Reviews

 I’m a 27-year-old film critic with a website focused on movie reviews and festival coverage. I started taking this personal project of mine seriously in 2019, growing gradually until the point where I stand today. Member of Online Film & Television Association, International Film Society Critics, Global Film Critics Association.

David Gonzalez

The founder and chief film critic of Reel Talk Inc. and host of the Reel Chronicles podcast. As a Cuban American independent film critic, David has written fair and diverse criticism covering movies of all genres and spotlighting minority voices through Reel Talk for the past eight years. Member of  New York Film Critics Online and the Latino Entertainment Journalists Association.

Hector Gonzalez

I’m a 23-year-old freelance writer and film critic contributing to Minorities ReportThe Movie BuffThe Underscene, amongst other websites, and have covered film festivals such as Sundance, Miami Film Festival, TIFF, and NYFF. Member of the Pandora International Film Critics, The Global Film Critics Association, and the Online Film & Television Association. 

Josh Barton

I am a film critic writing for both Barton Reviews and Jump Cut Online. Member of Online Film & Television Association and International Film Society Critics.

M.N. Miller

The Senior film and television critic for the entertainment website Read Steady Cut. You can also read his work at Music City Drive-In, Insession Film, and Film Focus Online. Member of the Las Vegas Film Critic Society

Matt Taylor

Freelance film & TV critic, founder of Feels For Reels, avid defender of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Member of Manchester Film Critics Association.

Anton Bitel

I am a freelance film critic, specializing in horror, paracinema and cult. Also covering the gamut of genres and non-genres. I have regular bylines in Sight & Sound, Little White Lies and VODzilla and program for the London Korean Film Festival. Member of Online Film Critics Society and London Film Critics Circle.

Joey Strandberg

A place for live movie news and physical media talk. My goal is to unite people in this community with a common love of movies.

Jonathan Fujii

Owner and creator of The Film Drunk. Co-host of the MovieBabble Podcast. Confused Oscar predictions, screaming awards reactions, funny movie reviews, it’s a good time here.

Brian Skutle

A film critic and podcaster interested in looking at the history of film, from the earliest silent films to the most recent blockbusters. Sonic Cinema is a website where the written word, the spoken word, and musical soundscapes explore the potential of cinema. Member of Georgia Film Critics Association and Global Film Critics Association.

Neil Vagg

 I have been a movie, TV and comic book critic for almost a decade having founded Get Your Comic On. Now co-host of a fortnightly pop culture podcast and wordy guest for anyone who will have me.

Anna Miller

I’m a film critic with a love for international and female/minority lead films. I’m Deputy Editor at I have contributed to countless other outlets, covered fests such as Sundance, TIFF and Tribeca and love meeting and networking with other people who have a passion for film! Member of Pandora International Film Critics, the International Film Society Critics Association, The Global Film Critics Association as well as a newly accepted member of GALECA!

Calum Cooper

I have been writing film reviews as an amateur since 2014 and as a freelancer since 2018, with bylines at Flickfeast, In Their Own League, CommonSpace and others. I have also participated in podcasts and film critics awards through Pandora and DiscussingFilm.

Frederick Nuti

I’m a movie critic/podcaster that’s written for three outlets as a movie reviewer and podcaster for Bloody-Disgusting. the Goodkinght Family company we have produced several other podcasts diving deep into film. Member of Global Film Critics Association.

Visaj Shah

An avid reader interested in Cinema Studies. I enjoy doing a thematic break-down analysis of films and their impacts. I have a soft spot for drama, arthouse, and specialty films. Contributor to Keith Loves Movies and CineNation.

Ben Peyton

Former actor and now reviewer of movies at For Your Films Only. Have also written for Filmhounds Magazine, The Movie Waffler, We Are Cult and Time & Leisure Magazine. 

Naomi Roper

Owner & editor in chief of The Geek Goddesses.

James Rodrigues

I have been writing reviews for over 10 years at The Reviewing Rodders, while also contributing to sites such as Moving Pictures Film Club and Bloody Good Screen. My favourite genre is horror, although I’m just as happy watching a musical or a Pokémon movie. Member of the Online Film & Television Association.

Brayan de Jesús Rivera

 I’m Puerto Rican, a current graduate student and part of the film podcast Entucineastas. Member Warner brosFilm Critics Association.

Bernard Ozarowski

Ozarowski’s passion for film has blossomed into his founding of The Invention of Dreams, because he wants his kids to see that they can and should chase what they love. He hosts the podcast Final Review and he is formerly a senior staff writer at Loud and Clear Reviews. Member of Film Independent

Charlie McGivern

Manchester, UK-based Film & TV Journalist for Get Your Comic On and Filmhounds Magazine. Member & Founder of the Manchester Film Critics Association and  Member of the Global Film Critics Association.

Andrew Pope

Focuses mainly on horror, horror-adjacent thrillers and psychological dramas, noir and neo-noir genre cinema, and the broader festival circuit. He has a particular interest in Asian genre cinema, and David Lynch.

Kat Hughes

I’ve been writing about film and conducting interviews for The Hollywood News for the last eight years. Recently I have started my own blog, Film Disclosure and am currently delving into the world of podcasts by guesting on all who will me. I love all films, but have an affinity for the macabre, regularly covering genre festivals with Fantasia and FrightFest yearly highlights. 

Theo Fisher

Have been writing both Film and TV pieces for over four years, including reviews, lists, box office reports, and more. Would love to guest more on other podcasts, channels etc. 

Op Talks

Freelance film and tv journalist and I write for Optalksfilm and Coastal House Media and I’m looking to branch out in the future. I am a lover of everything pop culture film and tv and love writing movie reviews and sharing my opinions.

Dom Hastings

Editor of, obviously. ‘Expert’ collaborator with Nerdly, Set The Tape, HC Movie Reviews, etc. Watched Under Siege on my wedding night.

Taylor Baker

Lives and works in Seattle, Washington. He co-founded Drink in the Movies in 2018 with Michael Clawson. Member of Seattle Film Critic Society Member.

Christopher Connor

 A freelance Film/TV and music journalist for Radio Times, Flickering Myth and Film Stories. I’ve covered the London Film Festival and Raindance in 2021 and written on a range of topics. 

Chris Gelderd

A film critic and blogger at GelNerd’s World who says it like it is. Never one to follow the crowd, but always championing the magic of the movies! Contributor at Flickering Myth, FILMhounds and We Have A Hulk.

Aaron Jenkins

Uk-based, Portsmouth England! Love all types of film a massive cinephile, host of the Aaronjwatches podcast and find me rambling about films on

David Baldwin

Canadian Writer for and navigating the ups and downs of reviewing films, working full time and raising a son during the pandemic. Nicolas Cage is my spirit animal. 

Christopher Cross

British Columbia-based Staff Writer at Tilt Magazine and Goomba Stomp. 

Jake Bennett

Founder + Writer + Film/TV Critic + Editor-in-Chief at Music News & Rumors, the music, movie, and TV site. Love finding areas where all of these forms of entertainment cross paths.

Gordon S. Miller

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Cinema Sentries. Has been writing and editing movie reviews online since 2003 for a variety of websites. Member of Online Film & Television Association 

Martin Richmond

Film Critic/Writer at Through the Silver Screen and long-time lover of film, especially fantasy, sci-fi and superheroes! Long live physical media!

George Aldridge

Founded Cinema Savvy back in 2015 and have been reviewing films ever since! No matter if they’re new releases, classics, or even from a festival, we have you covered

Matt Conway

Grew up with a passion for film and its empathetic powers to tell unique stories (especially in the science fiction sphere). Some of his favorites include Inside Llewyn Davis, Her, Goodfellas, Frances Ha and Moonlight. Member of the Online Film Critics and TV Association.

Lewis Royle

UK based film critic and journalist for The Indiependent, Get Your Comic On, and co-host of the Now Showing Podcast. I write about everything from new blockbusters to the history of Hollywood and cinema. Member of the Manchester Film Critics Association.

Ricardo Santana

Puerto Rican freelance journalist, copywriter, and aspiring film/music/TV critic. I consider myself a pop-culture enthusiast, an early fashion learner, and a social media advocate.

Beatrice Copland

I’m a freelance film journalist and proud advocate for film preservation!

Ryan Cam

I love to review movies, both new and old, on my YouTube channel.  I also love to discuss current movie news on my podcast called “Life & The Movies with Ryan & Jacob.”

Luis Cervoni

I’m a 23 years old film major student and part of a film podcast called Entucineastas, where we cover and review the most recents film releases.

Robert Yaniz Jr.

Film writer for nearly two decades. Creator of Crooked Table Productions, covering “the world of film from a fresh angle.” Host of the Close Watch and Franchise Detours podcasts. Member of Online Film Critics Society.

Adriano Caporusso

A critic and comedian who writes for BitesizeBreakdown, AwardsRadar and is the host of the self-proclaimed greatest podcast ever, The Danger Man Podcast. You can usually find me on Twitter doing awards predictions, talking about movies and goofing around.

Arianne Binette

I am the co-owner and editor in chief at The UnderSCENE as well as a contributing writer at Film Cred, co-host a queer-centric film and television podcast called But Is It Gay? and a member of the International Film Society Critics. Based in Toronto, I love writing about films and television that are queer-centric as well as dealing with mental health issues. Member of International Film Society Critics.

Amy Smith

Awards Editor at InSession Film and Writer at Next Best Picture. Member of the OAFFC, PIFCA, soon to be Global Film Critics Association and IFSCritics.

Elliot Lines

Founder and Editor-in-chief at Film Focus Online. Been writing for a few years, a film fanatic and self-certified nerd.

Juan Mojica

I am a 24-year-old Puerto Rican film critic who is currently a co-host of the Film Posers Podcast & creator of the Youtube Channel “For The Agenda”.

Jeffery Gordon

A former Sports Anchor turned podcaster who feels weird writing in the third person. He started Box Office QB’s Film & Sports Podcast with his friends in 2020 and loves Marvel, DC and all sorts of pop-culture franchises. He spends his free time hanging out with his wife and dogs

Mo Hoosen

By day a lawyer, by night a purveyor of streaming services, I focus on titles that have availability at their forefront. My favourite directors are David Fincher, Edgar Wright and Taika Waititi.

Nguyen Le

A writer with Vietnamese roots who loves writing about films and drinking cà phê sữa đá. Words can be seen on JumpCut Online, The Young Folks, InSession Film, Awards Watch and many more.

James Y. Lee

I’m a Chicago-based Korean-American screenwriter and film critic, and am an active contributor for MovieBabble and Frame Rated. I’ve previously covered film festivals such as NYFF and the Melbourne International Film Festival, and hope to expand my horizons even further in the future!

Josh Martin-Jones

Senior Writer for Streamr, where I dedicate my life to all things streaming Film & TV!

Oscar Gonzalez

Actor-in-training with a passion for all things film. I’m a member and co-host of a Spanish Language film podcast called Entucineastas where we review the latest releases and talk about a variety of film topics.

Isaac Lugo-Malavé

I’m a Puerto Rican artist, deviser/performer and podcaster in Entucineastas, currently doing a MFA in Acting and Contemporary Performance making at CCC. 

Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen

Danish film and television critic who started writing reviews in 2013. He graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2018, and he holds a Master of Arts degree in English Studies with a minor in Film and Media Studies.

Nadia Dalimonte

Freelance film and TV critic. Founder, Editor in Chief, and Writer at Earth to Films. Contributor for The Cherry Picks. Member of Film Independent, North American Film Critic Association and International Film Society Critics.

Ben Wiebe

I am a film critic based in Alberta Canada. I love movies a lot (maybe a little too much), and could talk for hours about the art of filmmaking. I am a Contributor for InSessionFilm and Awards Radar.

Ken Vélez

A nerd that is passionate about the entertainment industry. Member of the Puerto Rican film podcast Entucineastas. 

Sean Doyle

 Writing about Film & TV under the pseudonym of ‘The Yung Critic’ since high school. Now a writer for FilmSpeak and frequent poster of unwanted opinions online.

Philip Price

One-two sentence bio: Host of Tavern Talk by initial reaction; a YouTube series of movie reviews based out of the Movie Tavern chain of theaters where each week myself and a difference guest review the biggest release right after seeing it on the big screen. 

Nadia Dalimonte

Freelance film and TV critic. Founder, Editor in Chief, and Writer at Earth to Films. Contributor for The Cherry Picks. Member of Film Independent, North American Film Critic Association and International Film Society Critics.


South Asian American writer covering reviews, news, and theories for The Cosmic Circus and The Streamr. He loves comedy, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and romance.

Anthony Papetti

A Guatemalan freelance critic based in New Jersey. I’ve previously worked in the film industry for ten years and have covered film festivals NYFF, TIFF and Sundance. Current member of Film Independent.

Jon Pascuzzi

Owner & EIC of I drink (Water) and I watch things. In my spare time when I’m not at the movies, I lift things up & put them down. 

Freddie Deighton

London based Film critic and Batman aficionado. He’s also the Founder of Deight Night Reviews on YouTube.

Alessandra Rangel

Originally from Mexico City, Alessandra considers cinema her one true love. This inspired her to create Palomita de maíz, a Mexican entertainment website where she constantly writes about films and TV shows. You can also find her words in other outlets, such as InSession Film, Filmotomy, Cherry Picks and Screen Queens.

Cara McWilliam-Richardson

A passionate cinephile who can either be found watching films or making them. Review Writer for several publications, as well as creator in chief of End Seat – a spoiler free film review blog.

Gavin Spoors

I’m a queer freelance writer with a love of screenwriting who covers all things film, TV and gaming. My work has been featured in outlets such as Filmhounds Magazine, JumpCut Online and Flip Screen.

Simon Whitlock

London based film reviewer and co-host of JumpCut Online’s podcast JumpCast. He is also the creator of Little Women in Black Thunderpants, a podcast about the non-Harry Potter films of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. 

George Clark

University student and United Kingdom based writer for MovieBabble, FilmSpeak and BRWC. 

Nicola Austin

A UK based freelance writer and podcaster. I’m the editor for We Have A Hulk and contributor for Filmhounds, Film Stories, Jumpcut Online and SciFiNow. Loves discussing female representation in sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Member of The Online Association of Female Film Critics and the Women Film Critics Cricle.

Brett Doze

A film critic for InSession Film and co-host of the Gilded Films Podcast. 

Jerome Muscarella

Huge cinema fan from New York and wants to talk about film for a living. I have Bachelor Of Fine Arts degree!

Bethany Lola

Film and TV journalist based in London, UK. Gillian Robespierre and Another Round enthusiast. Member of the CherryPicks.

Peter Harris

Grumpy Youtuber from Game Over Movie Reviews who focuses mostly on horror and sci-fi but dabbles in all genres. Just don’t mention Tarkovsky’s Stalker.

Daryl MacDonald

I’m a former film student turned film critic. I write now for Film Inquiry and InSession Film, turning in reviews, op-eds, interviews, top10s, and more.

Andy Cordoba

A freelance film critic who has an affinity for sci-fi horror, their work can be found at Hear Us Scream, Castle of Chills, and Film Cred.

David D. Merkle

Market research analyst by day, film writer by night. Co-founder of The Besties Review and the Annual Bestie Awards. World’s biggest Everybody Loves Raymond fan.

Sarah Lord

 A New York City based film writer and tea enthusiast. I’m currently a contributing writer and film review editor for FilmHounds Magazine.

Jared Charles

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The Burrow Reviews and host of the Into the Burrow podcast. He is also a member of Aksarben Creative: building a better local community through artistic expression in the heart of the Midwest. 

Kenn M.

Editor-in-Chief / Founder of Movie Lightbox. A website focusing on film festivals – news, updates, selections and highlighting the “best” in cinema all year round.

Dylyn C.S.  

A queer, Jewish, and chronically ill film buff with an extra soft spot for horror. I have written for multiple publications, including Hear Us Scream, Monster Thoughts, and Horror Obsessive and am currently developing a disability-focused horror site of my own called Bloody Bedroom along with a film podcast called Lox & Lucifer.

Tucker Watkins

I am a writer at Cosmic Circus and aspiring film critic and screenwriter.

Mr. Positive

I provide positive reviews to critically panned media.

Michael Brennan

I have reviewed Films, TV shows and Video Games on my Instagram page for the past year and through my website for two and a half years. I had a personal blog before it transformed into The Digital Spiral.

Jordan Woodson

I’m a queer journalist and film critic based in small town Arkansas. I’m someone who may watch a little too many movies for his own good. Member of Film Independent & Online Film and Television Association.

Brennan Dube

 I’m situated in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been into film in an extensive manner since 2018 when I began writing, and mid-2019 when I began podcasting. 

Jack Walters

UK-Based Film & Television Journalist with ScreenRant, Loud and Clear Reviews and FilmSpeak.  

Paul Klein

A film graduate from London, he currently acts as editors on both No Majesty and FilmHounds.

Addison Wylie

founder and leading film critic at Wylie Writes, a website devoted to movie reviews and Canadian film and festival coverage. He also contributes film columns for The Wire Megazine, and has formally written for CanScreen, Film Army, and Filmotomy.

Jasmine Waters

I’m Deputy Film Editor at The Indiependent, and have been a freelance writer for five years.

Christer Emanuelsson

A freelance film writer, primarily interested in European and Asian cinema. I’m not afraid to disapprove of things that everyone else seems to approve of. Contributor for Filmotomy.

Christopher Deibler

Partner/writer/YouTuber for The Painted Lines. I’m an avid Philly sports fan second, uber Star Wars, Disney & CBM nerd first. Co-host of The Suit Up Geeks Podcast.

Niall Browne

Based in the UK, has written extensively about film for over fifteen years and conducted interviews with many key figures across the industry. He has spoken about film at public events and on radio and covered numerous entertainment and awards ceremonies such as the British Academy Film Awardsand the BFI London Film Festival. 

Grace Reed

Founder and principal writer for All the Right Stuff. A lover of movies, TV, comics, and everything else nerdy.

Aaron L. White

Co-creator and host of the Feelin’ Film Podcast, where we focus more on how movies make us feel than anything else. Passionate about being positive and always loves a good film chat. Member of the Seattle Film Critics Society

Calvin Kemph

Dad writing words on the internet. Pacific Northwest editor exploring the best in vanguard and outsider cinema. Always in search of the next micro-budget and indie discovery. Member of the Seattle Film Critics Society

Matthieu Côté

I am not a professional critic… until now maybe? I do take my opinions on movies seriously and I have been consistently sharing my thoughts daily on new releases and older movies, documenting my journey through cinema with Twitter. I’ve been making & writing movies since I was 10, A Bug’s Life is the first movie I remember seeing in theaters and look where this got me.

Robert Ernest

Love chatting and writing about all things film and tv.

Patrick Beatty

Has been reviewing films for over seven years, both for his own platform, and Also in broadcast film and TV critic for ABC 4 Good Things Utah, as well as a member of the Utah and Hollywood Critics Associations. 

Austin Belzer

I’m a journalist and film critic based in a town of Arkansas few have heard of. I love films of all shapes and sizes, but the truly special ones are the ones I get to review that no one has heard of before. Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Austin B Media. Contributor for Music City Drive-In. Member of Film Independent and the Online Film & Television Association.

Don Shanahan

A school teacher by day, Don Shanahan is a Chicago-based Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic writing for Film Obsessive of 25YL Media and his own website Every Movie Has a Lesson. He is also one of the hosts of the Cinephile Hissy Fit Podcast on the Ruminations Radio Network. Member of Critics Choice Association, Chicago Indie Critics, Online Film Critics Society.

Dean Asquith

A fan of films of all genres, blogger of geekiness with a positive mindset and outlook on life!

Paul Carlson

Seattle-based critic interested in films that elicit powerful emotions and convey complex themes. Love films of all sizes, from the big Marvel flicks to film festival gems to Hallmark Channel movies. 
Member of the Seattle Film Critics Society.

Daniel Mazz

A huge fan of films and TV. Love behind the scenes of it all. Contributor at Music City Drive-In.

Josh Lempert

Since Alex and I met 6 years ago, we’ve been able to bond over a deep love of film that has manifested itself as a podcast, “Where’s the Remote?” Alex and I have been reviewing films for several years and are now trying to break further into the writing space with our website

Alex Papaioannou

Since Josh and I met 6 years ago, we’ve been able to bond over a deep love of film that has manifested itself as a podcast, “Where’s the Remote?” Josh and I have been reviewing films for several years and are now trying to break further into the writing space with our website

Alex Kelly

A Dallas-based movie fanatic, writing reviews for the Music City Drive-In and is the co-host of the Furloughed Film Talks Podcast, where he’s interviewed actors like Colby Minifie from The Boys and directors like award winner Clint Bentley.

Brian Eggert

Owner and film critic of Deep Focus Review since 2007. Based in Minnesota. Writer of reviews and in-depth essays, histories, and critical analysis. Member of the Minnesota Film Critics Alliance, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Online Film & Television Association, and the Large Association of Movie Blogs.

Chris Flanagan

Critics w/o Credentials is a celebration of mediocrity offering dynamic takes on all things Film, TV, and Streaming through multiple weekly podcast episodes and written articles on various websites. Member of Online Film and Television Critics Association, Film Independent Member, Razzie Member.

Aisha Skylar

I’m A freelance journalist and research associate. I like to play piano, be around felines, and have comprehensive discourse about all things pop culture.

Leo Brady

Chicago-based film critic and creator of Proud Member of the Chicago Indie Critics group and contributor to both Horror Obsessive and Imbibe Cinema.

Garry Arnot

An Edinburgh-based critic, reviewing the latest releases and covering local festivals. He can’t resist a British crime thriller and loves a little flutter on the Oscars!

Jonita Davis

The EIC and founder of the Black Cape Magazine on Medium, a Rotten Tomatoes Critic, member of HCA, CIC, NABJ, WinC (Women in Comics International). You can also find her work on Yes! Magazine, Mamas Geeky, the Hollywood Critics Association YouTube Channel, AARP Sisters Newsletter, and more. 

Sam Houston

Aspiring journalist and host/creator of the Now Showing podcast. Journalism student and lover of all things cinema, new and old.

Wilson Kwong

A Toronto-based cinema enthusiast and freelance writer. He is an avid fan of Hong Kong cinema and has been attending the Toronto International Film Festival every year since 2005.

Dallas King

Former cinema manager and 35mm projectionist who swapped popcorn for the pen. Scottish based film critic, Festivals Editor for Flickfeast and co-host of The A24 Project & Filibuster podcasts.

Scott J. Davis

Film critic, interviewer and red carpet reporter for HeyUGuys, as well as Reviews Editor at The Peoples Movies. 

Jeff York

Editor and film critic at Charter member of the Chicago Indie Critics. Contributor to Previously: Page 2 Screen podcast host; Creative Screenwriting magazine film critic; Examiner film critic.

Katherine Bush

Film/tv critic and script reader. Avid Emma (2020) rewatcher. Currently writing for Music City Drive-In. BS in Film and Television from Boston University.

Joe Movie Man

Minnesota-based critic specializing in spoiler-free reviews since 2012; a movie nerd with a heart of gold. Member of the Minnesota Film Critics Alliance, Online Film & Television Association, and the LAMB.

Peggy Marie

Owner/EOC of Peggy at the Movies Film & Taco Lover, Member of Hollywood Critics Association, International Press Assoc. Online Association of Female Film Critics and Cherry Picks Approved.

Alejandro D Orengo Colon 

Puertorican-based filmmaker and film critic and creator of Cine Más Podcast. I ramble on and on about art house cinema and indie flicks, my friends and colleagues say it’s my secret superpower.

Freda Cooper

Film critic, interviewer and broadcaster. Reviews for BBC Radio Surrey and BBC Radio Sussex, The People’s Movies and Film Stories magazine: interviews for Yahoo Movies UK, HeyUGuys, The Hollywood News and Film Stories magazine and features for Zavvi.

Manning Franks

Midsouth Emmy-nominated photojournalist for WFMY News 2 and creator/critic of their segment “News 2 Reviews”. In addition to his full-time job, he also acts as host and editor for the movie/awards podcast “Gone With The Win” for Take 3 Productions.

Victor Aragon

One-half of The Fandads who write about sharing their love of all things geeky with their children. On their site, they do giveaways, reviews, and talk about being parents. 

Darren Hackett

I have worked with WarnerbrosUK, Warnerbros games UK, and ScifiNow promoting releases from their DC catalogs. I run my own site where I have started reviews for comic books and tv shows as well as photography and film information. I also have a letterboxd account to review film releases.

Tarek Fayoumi

Creator and lead critic at Contributor to, positively Naperville, and a member of Chicago Indie Critics.


Film critic, host, and founder of CinemaJaw podcast. Member of Chicago Indie Critics.

We Talk Film

We Talk Film brings together four unique diverse voices to review and dissect some of the best releases. From the big screen to the small screen, brand new to classics and indie darlings. We discuss it all, with Danielle covering festivals, Matt keeping an eye on film industry news and his podcast ‘Fascinating Film Facts’. Kalvin provides YouTube video reviews and original shows and Mysteree has an eye on the blockbusters and streaming reviews. Over the last 2yrs, we have provided comprehensive press coverage of the BFI London Film festival and have been part of press events for major studios including Warner Bros and Lionsgate

Andrew Korpan

I’m a young, up-and-coming entertainment journalist for a few outlets including At The Movies Online, Coastal House Media, and Film Focus Online. I am a lover of all things U2, The Beatles, and Al Pacino. 

Craig McKenzie

An implausibly prolific blogger and podcaster who runs Kneel Before Blog and the attached podcast, Kneel Before Pod. Waiting for the day Starfleet Academy is a real career choice.

Ryan Terry

I am a film professor at the University of Tampa, where I have taught film studies for over six years. You may have also heard me as an SME on dozens of podcasts in the US, UK, and Australia. My area of expertise is an American horror film, but I cover a wide range of cinema on my blog and on Twitter. Member of OFTA.

Brett Dworski

Chicago-based journalist, creative writer and podcaster. Once ate an apple next to Ben Stiller.

Abe Friedtanzer

Reviewer, interviewer, and awards predictor. Editor of Movies with Abe and TV with Abe. Contributor for, The Film Experience, Awards Radar, AwardsWatch, and ShockYa. 

Alex McPherson

An unabashed pop culture nerd who considers “Hot Fuzz” and “Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers” to be among the greatest films of all time. I’ve written for Cultured Vultures, Pop Life STL, and The Indiependent.

Carson Timar

I have been talking film online since 2015 and love pretty much any Yasujirō Ozu or Timothée Chalamet project. Find my work at ButteredPopcorn, ClapperCast, Clapper, Filmotomy & more! Member of OFTA, Film Independent and the Pandora International Film Critics group

Ryan Arnold

Creator and film blogger of Arnold At The Movies: where I review every newly released movie I see in theaters or on streaming. Frequent guest podcaster on Mashley at the Movies and an occasional album reviewer for Sound Words STL

Jordan Graham

I’m a Scottish content creator that’s a sucker for all things horror, superheroes and more. 

Nathan Zoebl

I’ve been reviewing movies for over 20 years since I was in high school and amassed an archive of over 2000 reviews. I’ve written over 48,000 words on 27 movies directed by Uwe Boll and consider myself the world expert on the man’s work, and I’ve made a point of finding and reviewing indie movies made in my home state of Ohio. Member of the Columbus Film Critics Association

Aaron Nolan

Knoxville-based film critic with a soft spot for musicals. Member of Film Independent & OFTA. 

Paul Enicola

I currently write as a film critic for The Movie Buff, where I also work as assistant editor and SEO manager for the site. In my spare time, I also contribute reviews for Movie Blogger.

Rowan Wood

Journalist and critic for The Cape Cod Chronicle. Founder and editor-in-chief of The Lenient Critic and host of the counterpart podcast.

Josh Batchelder

Co-founder of Josh at the Movies. He graduated with a degree in Journalism from Westchester County Community College

Allison Brown

 Editor and Creative Director of Josh at the Movies. She graduated from the University of Miami with a BBA in Studio Art and Marketing. By day, she is an Art Director and Graphic Designer in magazine publishing.

Ashley Saunders

A writer, podcaster, gamer, traveler, and overall geek. She covers films, tv shows, games, and travel on her website WithAshleyandCo, podcast Geek Girls Universe, and as a contributor at 

Jana Seitzer

Editor-in-chief/founder of Whisky + Sunshine, comic nerd and oenophile who splits her time between NY and VT when she’s not theme park hopping or visiting filming locations across the globe. Member of Chlotrudis Society for Independent film, Film Independent and WrapPro.

Ruth Maramis

Owner & Editor-In-Chief of FlixChatter Film Blog – love films of all genres, from Jane Austen to James Bond. I’m also a screenwriter/producer and currently working on developing the feature version of the short film Hearts Want that’s available to stream on Amazon Prime. Member of Cherry Picks, Online Association of Female Film Critics, Film Independent

Paul Devine

The creator and chief editor of The UK based  The Peoples Movies (created 2008), which is 5 times voted Top 10 UK Film Blog by Vuelio.  Paisley Scotland based website and Paul also runs ChroniclesInFIlm and is also an FDA Scottish Press Day accredited critic 

Nicola Ryan

I have been running Smaller Pictures for around 4 years. I like to bring an analytical approach to my reviews and discuss specific elements that are often overlooked such as the music, cinematography, editing, as well as discussing the performances, writing and direction. Member of Online Association of Female Film Critics, South Wales Film Critics and Cherry Picks.

Matt & Ashley

We are Matt & Ashley, a married couple who have been reviewing movies on our podcast — Mashley at the Movies — since January 2018. We have recorded over 500 episodes during that time, and mostly discuss new movies, with the occasional older film reviewed from time to time.

Karen Woodham

The founder of the award-wining UK film blog, Blazing Minds which was started in 2008 and has been listed in the Vuelio list of Top UK Film Blogs for 7 years. Karen has a passion for all film genres and has even spent time behind and in front of the camera.

Debopriyaa Dutta

A news desk writer for /Film and a features writer/film critic at ScreenRant. She also writes in-depth features, reviews, and op-eds for entertainment websites such as 1428elm, High on Films, and Digital Mafia Talkies. 

Callum Barrington

I’ve been a massive fan of cinema and film since I was a child, choosing to study Film at University, immersing myself in all kinds of cinema culture.

Caroline Thompson

A film enthusiast, podcast host, and critic. Her work can be found on the film podcast HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN (@HHYNSpod on all social media platforms) and generally screaming on Twitter.

Morgan Roberts

A writer for In Their Own League and Filmotomy. Co-hosts the podcast Untitled Cinema Gals Project. member of Pandora International Film Critics

Trevor Matteson

I am a 16-year-old film enthusiast, die-hard Wes Anderson fan, and a co-host of Oscar Buzz and The Basement. I love predicting the Oscars and then proceeding to yell about the winners and nominees in shock while recording myself.


Head critic at Screen Zealots and founder of the Online Association of Female Film Critics. Always working to foster inclusion and diversity among film writers and journalists, especially those who work exclusively in the new media field. Member of Las Vegas Film Critics Society and Critics Choice Association.

Jonathan Widdup

Young Film Critic, primary on YouTube and Letterboxd also very active on Twitter. Been reviewing films for many years

Eli Brau

 Founder and Writer at A Cinephile’s Corner. Frequent Tweeter and Letterboxd-er about all things film.

Cati Glidewell

Known as The Blonde In Front, has been a published film critic since 8th Grade and has interviewed some of the most accomplished directors, actors and everyone involved in every aspect in the entertainment industry for quite some time. She’s written for several entertainment websites as a critic and interviewer as well as co-hosting and a featured guest on many podcasts and vlogs. You can find her at film festivals across the country, pop culture events and premiere screenings in her home base of Chicago and especially at the iconic Music Box Theatre. Member of Chicago Indie Critics.

Collin Willis

 I am a film school graduate working for Walt Disney World. I have been a contributor for MovieBabble since 2018 and create regular reviews, podcasts, and retrospective articles for the website. 

Alyssa Christian

I’m a self-proclaimed movie snob and amateur critic, having written reviews for about a decade, including for my own personal blog; my favorite films include Back to the Future, Avengers: Endgame (I’m an MCU nerd), and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I’m also a vegan, actor, and flutist.

Markus Amalthea Magnuson

a film writer and technologist currently based in Amsterdam. He holds a BA and MA in Cinema Studies and wrote his master’s thesis on cyborgs and gender in film and television.

Brandon Siedlik

I am currently the film critic for Westside High School’s Journalism Department

Alan French

After graduating in 2016, Alan French began writing film and television reviews for AwardsCircuit. He currently has bylines at WeLiveEntertainment, InSessionFilm and is the owner/operator of WeBoughtaBlog. Member of the Critics Association of Central Florida.

Anmol Pandhi

Loves good cinema. Been a critic for over 2 years. Written for hidden remote, keithlovesmovies and The Spoilerverse

Nick van Dinther

The founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bitesize Breakdown.

Aayush Sharma

A complete cinephile who loves to write, live, eat and sleep movies. Currently writing for MEA Worldwide.

Benjamin Miller 

Owner of IceCream4Freaks. Contributor at The Film Experience and Cinema Scholars. Member of the IFSCritics. The David Thewlis of Podcasting. 

Kelechi Ehenulo

London based, Rotten Tomatoes approved freelance film critic and writer. Creator of Confessions From A Geek Mind with bylines for Set the Tape, VultureHound, FilmHounds Magazine, JumpCut Online and Film Stories. A geek at heart. Science fiction is my haven.

Beta Critic

Reviews  Movies, Anime, TV series and more

Hasitha Fernando

A Medical Doctor and avid cinephile. Contributor for Flickering Myth. 

Brian Taylor

 I have been a film critic for 15 years and love film as well as sharing that love witht other people. 

Mark Cassidy

 I’m a Dublin, Ireland-based film critic, editor, and amateur filmmaker who has been writing about film for over a decade. I’ve been head editor at CBM for the past 6 years, and also contribute to several other sites. 

Mariana Delgado

A recent graduate student from the University of South Florida, where she foolishly earned a Master’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Film Studies. She’s a proud mother of one beautiful little schnauzer named Pepe and a lover of all things trauma theory-related. When she’s not rewatching The Leftovers, Mariana may be found rewatching LOST as a means to finally understand the human condition, one traumatic show at a time.

Brandon Matthews

An entertainment reporter and critic. I review all major films/TV series currently out there.

Rayyan Akbar

Just another guy who loves movies and TV, also a big geek. Editor in Chief at The Cine Geek, Writer for Streamr and Reviewed Cinema.

Nate Ashley

A young freelance film journalist who has written for Massive CinemaThe Skinny and Edinburgh International Film Festival, applying to be one of Banana Meter’s critics. I have also founded the online film and television blog Natflix, in addition to taking part in the EIFF Youth Critic programme.

Zita Short

A New Zealand-based film critic with a strong interest in women’s pictures and classic cinema. She is also ever so slightly obsessed with Ernst Lubitsch’s romantic comedies. 

Gary Cruise

Co-host of the Horror. Cult. Trash. Other. Podcast, musician, physical media collector, all-round film nerd and film critic who regularly posts reviews on Letterboxd.

Matthew Simpson

A lifelong film lover who got his start with grey-market access to HBO and a job in a cinema. Editor and co-founder of Rather tall. Member of Pandora International Film Critics

Christian Salazar

A writer who loved all types of cinema be it the MCU, indie, or those of the mid-budget non-IP variety.

Serena Seghedoni

Editor-In-Chief and film critic at Loud and Clear, currently interested in virtual reality, fan culture, and the representation of mental health in film and TV. Member of Cherry Picks, OAFFC and Film Independent

Todd Pengelly

 I write about movies to save my partner from listening to me rant about them. Contributor at For Reel, Screen Rant, The Sunday Times, and more to come.

Nora MacIntyre

Internally motivated by her own experiences as a lesbian woman in society, “Nora’s writing and research stems from a place of thorough, relentless passion. A film aficionado from an early age, she found in classic films not only an appreciation but an understanding that helped her to navigate the choppy waters of her adolescent years. Now confident and vocal about her convictions, she hopes to build upon the realm of queer theory in film as seen through the female lens.

Byron Lafayette

A Journalist, film critic, and author, with a (possibly unhealthy) obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean and Zack Snyder. He currently serves as Editor and Lead Film Critic for ViralHare, and contributes to WhatCulture and 25YL. He also hosts the podcast “Under the Lens with Byron Lafayette” He is currently a voting member of The Celebrity Film Awards.

Matt Davis

A freelance writer and YouTuber from the Kansas City area. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of “Shall I Stream It?”

Aaron Murray

 I’m a film critic who, in the past few months, has begun writing about film on a professional basis. Although I’ve been writing on Letterboxd for a few years, I joined the Loud and Clear Reviews team and recently became a staff member to write reviews on a regular basis. 

Richard Neto

I write about movies and TV news at my press outlet