What is Ripe Banana? 

Our Mission

Our mission is to have critics across the globe from all ranges of media (Written, Podcast, Youtube) share their thoughts about the films they see to help you, the audience, find movies to watch.

What can you expect?

When the first reviews pile in from our critics that see advanced screenings of the film, we will publish the current Banana Meter rating. On Monday (sometimes Sunday), we will announce the first official ratings for the films reviewed by our critics.

What is the Banana-meter? 

The Banana-meter is here to tell you if our critics went Bananas for the latest films or did the film leave a sour taste in their mouth.

When a film hits above 85% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Bonafide Bananas status.

When a film hits between 55-84% from our critics, it means it hit Ripe status.

When the film hits under 54%, it means it hit Sour Status.

What is Bonafide Bananas?

 Our critics had to have gone B-A-N-A-N-A-S over the film by rating over 85%. (It receives this rating after at least 25 critics have rated the film.)

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How to Apply?

Applications are currently being accepted until launch. DM Us on Twitter BananaMeter