Where does Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode One land on the Banana Meter?

Hello and welcome to another week of the Banana Meter! For those not aware of how this works, let me explain it to you. First, our critics check out a series. Then, they rate it on our scale of 0-100%, we gather the percentage from all of your critics and that’s how we get our rating on the Banana Meter.

What is the Banana Meter scale, you ask? 

When a show hits above 85% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Bonafide Bananas status.
When a show hits between 55-84% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Ripe status.
When the show hits under 55%, it means it hit Sour Status.

Hitting the Banana Meter today is
Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode One

Here is what our Ripe Banana Critics are saying about the episode:

Shaurya Chawla

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

Among many things, Episode 1 of Obi-Wan needed to do one very specific thing: capture the hopelessness in this moment of time, and how much he’s out of the game. They nailed that. Praise be to Deborah Chow.

Full Review

Ricky Valero

Banana Meter Rating: 85%

The Obi-Wan Kenobi premiere lays down the groundwork for the stakes to come.

Full Review

Matthew Fox

Banana Meter Rating: 70%

Ewan McGregor’s take on Obi-Wan was inarguably the best part of the prequel films. I’m glad to see him back and excited about this rich exploration of the period between film franchises. This pilot sets the stage for a new adventure.

Maxance Vincent

Banana Meter Rating: 40%

The first episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi is fine, but what it sets up is…kinda boring. If this is the best Lucasfilm could come up with to justify an Obi-Wan-related series…yikes. Star Wars needs to move on from the Skywalker Saga…and fast.

Ryan Cam

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

Solid start to this series. Seeds are planted that could lead to entertaining outcomes.

Full Review

Matthieu Côté

Banana Meter Rating: 65%

A slightly underwhelming start for the Kenobi series in my book, fans of the prequels will be more than happy with the direction they are taking, others might have flashbacks of weak storytelling & acting, but either way, Ewan McGregor is the star without a doubt.

Beatrice Copland

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

A perfect re-introduction to the characters we know and love with a story we don’t. Nobody has lost a beat in the last 20 years, the Score is classic Star Wars and the cinematography is gorgeous. Director Deborah Chow is on to a winner.

Debopriyaa Dutta

Banana Meter Rating: 40%

Episode 1 allows us to take stock of the characters we know and love, making good use of flashback sequences while setting up the scene for the narrative to unfurl. The setup is nothing short of epic, as Obi-Wan is now a man who does not dare to hope, hiding in the shadows, powerless to a great extent. There’s a sense of grief and loss, amid terror which is always looming.

Full Review

What is the Banana Meter Rating for ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Part I? 76%

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