Our Critics First Reaction to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Welcome to the first reactions from our Ripe Banana film critics. A few critics saw an advance screening of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and shared their thoughts below. Do you plan on checking out the film? Let us know if you are!

What is the Banana Meter scale, you ask? 

When a film hits above 85% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Bonafide Bananas status.
When a film hits between 55-84% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Ripe status.
When the film hits under 55%, it means it hit Sour Status.

Our Critics First Reactions to The Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Here is what our Ripe Banana Critics are saying about the film:

Matt Neglia

Banana Meter Rating: 45%

DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS was a disappointing entry in the MCU for me. Sam Raimi’s love of the horror genre & his imaginative camerawork are present but they often clash with Marvel’s secure and well-established style. Lots of questionable & underwhelming writing decisions are likely going to divide the fandom. Let the madness begin…

Ricky Valero

Banana Meter Rating: 50%

Olson can’t save a lackluster script. The entire movie is one giant mess that goes against the entire universe they built.

Brian Skutle

Banana Meter Rating: 85%

Sam Raimi manages to balance the spectacle of a horrific trip through the multiverse with a story about confronting our own worst tendencies, which can result in seismic reverberations through the galaxy. This is a visually rich, scary and entertaining ride as only Raimi can deliver.

Aaron White

Banana Meter Rating: 60%

Wowsers! “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is wilder, wackier, and weirder than you can imagine. Marvel’s biggest tonal departure from their formula yet. Despite holding back on some gore, this is a bloody and violent Sam Raimi production through and through, with monsters and hilarious horror galore. A completely nutty (and too often dumb) multiverse road trip. Couldn’t have picked a better composer than Danny Elfman for this one either.

Anthony Papetti

Banana Meter Rating: 85%

Sam Raimi is the perfect director to bring to life Marvel’s first true horror film. Strong character arcs and a somewhat contained story makes this one of Marvel’s strongest in years.

Don Shanahan

Banana Meter Rating: 50%

Sam Raimi’s otherworldly paths, constructed in a funhouse made of more disposable buzz than intriguing mirrors, become more exhausting than exciting when all the sharks are jumped.

Edward Douglas

Banana Meter Rating: 80%

Does a fine job playing in the sandbox of magic and sorcery with just the right amount of Raimi horror thrown into the superheroics.

Michael Thomas

Banana Meter Rating: 60%

Multiverse of Madness is a fun albeit basic adventure flick that’s better viewed as the WandaVision finale than a proper Doctor Strange film.

Amanda Guarragi

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

Sam Raimi movie first and an MCU movie second. The visuals are impressive, and the score from Danny Elfman elevated the action scenes. Raimi delivers on the horror elements

Duane Miller

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

Multiverse of madness was a comic book fever dream. This is by far the Best Directed MCU film. Sam Raimi awed me with his incredible style and visual flair.

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