“Prototype” Movie Review

Written by Logan Mitts

Blending Sci-Fi and horror, Prototype stars Danielle Scott, Jamie Robertson, Luke Robinson, and Zoe Purdy. The film focuses on a family in possession of two AIs that are essentially used as butlers. Things go awry and the family quickly begins to fear for their safety.

While the premise certainly has the potential to become a compelling thriller, it never achieves its true potential. The exposition in particular feels unsure about where exactly it wants to go and as a result, the first twenty or so minutes drag this film down. The character development is thin and as a result, moments that should be impactful feel empty. This being an independent film, the simplicity was used to great effect, especially in the latter half. As the conflict swells, the few locations create a tight, almost claustrophobic atmosphere.

The vision is there and the cast dives into this tech thriller but it’s never able to live up to the intriguing premise.

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