Where does Stranger Things 4 Volume One land on the Banana Meter?

Hello and welcome to another week of the Banana Meter! For those not aware of how this works, let me explain it to you. First, our critics check out a series. Then, they rate it on our scale of 0-100%, we gather the percentage from all of your critics and that’s how we get our rating on the Banana Meter.

What is the Banana Meter scale, you ask? 

When a show hits above 85% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Bonafide Bananas status.
When a show hits between 55-84% or higher from our critics, it means it hit Ripe status.
When the show hits under 55%, it means it hit Sour Status.

Hitting the Banana Meter today is
Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. One

Here is what our Ripe Banana Critics are saying about Volume One:

Brian Skutle

Banana Meter Rating: 74%

While the Russia thread of the series feels overplayed, the series finally delving into Satanic Panic as the main characters try to fend off Vecna is bringing back what made the series strong out of the gate.

Full Review

M.N. Miller

Banana Meter Rating: 100%

Thrilling, funny, and genuinely frightening. The armrest-grabbing Stranger Things returns for its fourth season! It’s as good as mainstream popcorn escapism can get.

Full Review

Rayyan Akbar

Banana Meter Rating: 96%

Our favorite friend group returns to the screen with some of the show’s best set of episodes to date. It’s spookier than ever but also keeps its fun 80s moments intact. We’re finally diving into the lore and darkness of the upside-down and eleven and it’s just so addictive. Sadie Sink is a clear stand-out and truly puts her heart out.

Aayush Sharma

Banana Meter Rating: 100%

“Stranger Things’ returns with scarier
weirder and the most EPIC season
yet! The Duffer Brothers wanted to
push boundaries and the result is

Full Review

Ricky Valero

Banana Meter Rating: 70%

The highs were high but the lows were low. I didn’t love the entire Hopper storyline as it is brutal to even watch or even care about. I wanted to love what they gave us but felt like it fell short overall.

Shaurya Chawla

Banana Meter Rating: 95%

While some subplots are not as compelling at times, Stranger Things 4 is easily the tensest and most intriguing the show has been since its first season, with a series-best villain in Vecna and a phenomenal Sadie Sink leading the charge.

Full Review


Banana Meter Rating: 40%

My interest started to wane considerably, as the episodes stretched themselves like a rubber band to the point of snapping. It felt like they were trying too hard to extend every storyline as much as possible to give that “We are so clever!” Effect. It’s just lazy at this point.

Full Review

Michael Thomas

Banana Meter Rating: 90%

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1 sets up the darkest and most powerful season yet. The Russian plot doesn’t add much, but overall this season is shaping up to be the series’ best.

Full Review

What is the Banana Meter Rating for Stranger Things 4 Vol. One? 82%

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