Weekend Watchlist: March 11th

While the theaters will hopefully be enjoying week two of The Batman, it’s the streaming services that are the big winners this weekend.

By Sean Blanford

Turning Red: The latest Pixar film to be released straight to the online platform rather than getting a theatrical release, Seeing Red is the first of two films that will be covered by our Bananameter critics this weekend. The story of a young girl’s life changes during adolescence (that sometimes cause her to turn into a big red panda), the film features a voice cast led by Sandra Oh and Rosalie Chiang, and is the feature animation debut of Bao director Domee Shi.

The Adam Project: The second film to be covered on this weekend’s Bananameter is the latest collaboration between Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy (who paired up most recently for last year’s Free Guy). In the film, Reynolds plays Adam, a pilot who travels back in time to visit his younger self (Walker Scobell) to set out on an adventure to find their father. The film also features a strong supporting cast including Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Catherine Keener.

The Seed: Premiering at last year’s Beyond Fest, The Seed stars Vikings actress Lucy Martin. As a group of young women embarks on a girl’s weekend to the Mojave Desert, what begins as a fun get-together soon turns into a tale of death and alien invasions.

Gold: The latest from writer/director Anthony Hayes stars himself alongside Zac Efron as two drifters known simply as Man One and Man Two. A story of greed and self-preservation amongst the highest of pressures, when one man finds the largest gold nugget ever found, he will do whatever it takes to ensure he is able to secure his potential future fortune.

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