2022 Overlooked Film Spotlight Part Three

With a light week at the box office this weekend, we wanted to give our critics here on the Banana Meter a chance to highlight some of the films that haven't hit the Meter. We have a wide range of films selected by our team here to highlight the Overlooked Film or New Film Spotlight. … Continue reading 2022 Overlooked Film Spotlight Part Three

Weekend Watchlist: May 13th, 2022

While a particular MCU Doctor looks to rule the box office again with ease, this week belongs to a great list of limited releases and VOD options. By Sean Blanford In Theaters: Limited ReleasePleasure: One of two Sundance 2021 films being released this week, Pleasure is the feature adaptation of writer-director Ninja Thyberg's 2013 award-winning … Continue reading Weekend Watchlist: May 13th, 2022